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After a race we come home with all sorts of items like, clothes, bikes, pumps, gps, wet suits and so much more. We strongly encourage you to not put items that are extremely expensive in your drop bags. At the best Marathons in the country these drop bags are tossed into a truck with hundreds of other bags. Sometimes bags can become opened and they are exposed to volunteers and other racers.Though it is our goal to get everyone their items back we cannot guarantee them. We strongly encourage racers to not leave items of high expense in your swag bag or on the course. It is always recommended to drop items that can be lost without too much stress. It is so difficult for us to find these items if you cannot or that you did not put it in the truck. We have had racers drop their $90 jackets on the course and expect us to find them after the race. Never drop a jacket on the course/street if you expect to get it back.Though 99% of the lost and found items are either due to a racer not putting their items in the drop truck, dropping them on the course or just plain leaving them after a race we strive to get them back to all racers, with no guarantee. Remember that the waiver you signed states that all items that are left will be donated after the race if they are not picked up. We will strive to serve you and try to get these items back but first rule in racing is to first drop what can be lost and second drop your items in the designated vehicles for drop.

Because some of these items are so expensive we want to try at least to get them back to you. For this reason we have created this page to try to find their homes. You can pay for shipping and handling or pick them up if we find your item. Please understand it is our sincere hope to help you however this process is expensive and time consuming for us.

After a week of holding these items we donate them to charity.


Lost and Found Form - We cannot guarantee we will find your item however we will try to help you where we can. Please fill in this form and follow up with us.



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